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Addiction Recover Therapy

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  • Alcohol addiction counseling
  • Drug addiction counseling
  • Gambling addiction counseling
  • Sex addiction counseling
  • A compliment to 12-step recovery

During your one-on-one addiction recovery sessions, we’ll work closely to overcome your addiction and the way it has affected your life internally and externally.

An alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, sex addiction, or drug addiction—any addiction really, is one way that people attempt to fill the emptiness they feel inside of themselves. Even in safe and familiar settings you may find yourself feeling as if you are on the outside, looking in. You may have a haunting sense that you are "missing out on something" that everyone else has the privilege to feel.

It’s a natural human reaction to grasp at some way to turn those feelings “off.” However, what starts out as a small "I just want to feel better" soon becomes “I can’t survive without this.”

During our addiction recovery therapy sessions, you will discover ways to heal your body, mind, and spirit and come to truly believe that you are deserving of the wonderful feelings and experiences that your addiction convinces you that you are not worthy of.

Helping You Reclaim Your Life Through Addiction Recovery Therapy

Before your addiction took over, you likely had many dreams and goals for your life. Together, through addiction recovery therapy, you and I will work to reclaim those dreams. We will work together to create the life that you want, the work you want, and the relationships you want and need.

Instead of filling the emptiness you feel with your addiction, you will learn through addiction recovery therapy to set healthy goals and realize dreams that create abundance in your life. Working together in addiction recovery therapy, you'll create an exciting new perception of yourself and of the world around you.

Addiction recovery therapy will provide you with the tools, strength, and strategies that make recovery possible. Overcoming the dangerous spiral of an alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, sex addiction or drug addiction that has taken over your life is truly possible when you choose to take the right action.

Many people will never confront their addictions. The fact that you are here, searching for addiction recovery therapy is the first step in taking back your life from the abusive relationship of addiction.

If you think you might have a problem with addiction, please take advantage of my free 15-minute phone consultation or schedule a addiction counseling session by calling me at  . I offer sex addiction, alcohol addiction and drug addiction counseling for Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, and Cary for local NC residents as well as telephone therapy for those who live too far to commute, or in situations where one partner is out of the area.