Barry K. Selman, LCSW

Psychotherapy for Adults, Adolescents and Couples

My Philosophy

My philosophy regarding psychotherapy is a continual work in progress. I believe that a childhood in which needs (e.g. nurturance, support, positive role models and respect) are not adequately met leads to an adult life in which we often do not know what our needs are, much less how to get them met. The question is “Can we change?” Can we unlearn the past habitual ways of thinking and feeling? If the client has the motivation and the therapist has the needed skills, yes. That is one of the goals of therapy.

I am eclectic in my thinking and my training. In order to facilitate the therapy process I utilize techniques such as guided imagery, mindfulness and inner child work. Other techniques include dreamwork and the use of intuition to sense the client’s energy field. My philosophy is “holistic” in that I work with the client’s mental processes, emotional experience, and physical well being as well as their philosophical and spiritual belief systems. I am interested in the whole person and their essence or soul experience.

A successful therapy requires not only the motivation to change on the client’s part, but also the training and experience required on the therapist’s part. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of therapists getting their own personal therapy and clinical supervision on an ongoing basis. Being with clients requires the ability to be present and to be able to sense and read the client’s conscious and unconscious process. A therapist needs to be “tuned in” so to speak, and that requires getting “tuned up” regularly. I love my work and I continue to enjoy the benefits of my own inner journey with the support of my mentors and teachers.