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Business Leadership Coaching for the Results-Driven Individual

In my experience, it is those individuals that actively seek out some form of business consulting or business leadership coaching that rise beyond the perceived limitations of even the most motivated professionals that attempt the journey alone.

If you’re considering a personal development coach, you already stand out from the majority of the population that allows things to “just happen” rather than take charge of their own destiny. Many people understand the benefits of business consulting and seek out information on business coaching. But in order for you to achieve your wildest visions of success, you must take the daring step of following through with a business coaching program.

You must ask yourself the ultimate question…

Are you ready to experience your full potential? This is a question that you must ask yourself. You’ve likely read plenty of books on successful individuals and understand that each one of those people experienced some form of business consulting or business leadership coaching.

Compare that statistic to the number of unsuccessful people in your life that have never sought out guidance from a personal development coach and it becomes logically apparent that business coaching works. However, a personal development coach can only help you if you are truly ready to help yourself.

If you are ready to take the challenge of a business consulting program, then you are about to embark on exciting new journey in your life and truly discover the measurable effects that business consulting can have on your professional and even your personal life.

What is it that is keeping you from achieving your vision of success?

My approach to business leadership coaching is similar to my approach to therapy in that I am interested in the "whole person" and not just improving work performance or profits. I'm particularly interested in working with people who have an interest in bringing spirit and passion into their work and who have the willingness to look at what in their past is holding them back from being more creative and dynamic.

To be a truly successful participant in a business consulting relationship, you must be prepared to honestly examine your assets and liabilities in a variety of potentially uncomfortable areas. You must be willing to make a three month minimum commitment to your business leadership coaching program.

While most people shy away from commitments, especially commitments that may be difficult, it is those who are willing to succeed at their dreams at the cost of overcoming their fears that are successful in a business consulting program and consequently, at achieving their professional goals.

Business Leadership Coaching for Winning Organizations

As a business owner, you are most likely highly motivated and acutely aware of how important a successful mindset is to manifesting success beyond the average. However, you probably also know that many of the individuals within your organization have never been exposed to this manner of thinking, have never taken part in any business coaching, or had any experience with a personal development coach.

This is precisely the reason why so many entrepreneurs and small business owners attempt to do everything themselves—they are afraid to entrust responsibilities to those lacking this inner passion and focus. This is also the number one reason why small businesses don’t grow as large as they could and why so many small businesses that do grow slowly lose momentum.

If you’re a business owner that is determined to grow a successful business, implementing a business consulting program for your organization can be the solution.

The heart of a successful company

An organization’s people are what truly make it great. The momentum of even a small group of highly focused, passionate, like-minded individuals can revolutionize industries. Business consulting sessions can reveal to those within your organization the benefits of goal setting, passion, focus, commitment, and all of the other essential elements of business success that so many organizations are lacking.

The most successful organizations have a solid plan for ongoing business leadership coaching for their employees. Now you can have this as well regardless of the size of your organization.

Throughout my years as a psychotherapist and personal development coach, I have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses tap into their true potential through business leadership coaching. Are you ready to take your organization to the level beyond ordinary? Contact me today to discuss how business consulting and business leadership coaching can help your organization achieve its full potential.


"Barry has remarkable skills as an individual coach and OD consultant. Our organization is operating with a new and powerful paradigm. I am thankful for his intelligence, inspiration, and ongoing support." Dennis Hartenstine
Chief Operating Officer, National League for Nursing, NYC
Former Executive Director, Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education, NYC
“I'm more organized, focused, and future oriented. My business is growing, our fees have increased, and my staff is more motivated. Instead of running my business with a Lone Ranger attitude, I've taken on a partner/motivator in the form of a business coach. After some initial doubts and misgivings, the process is now both rewarding and enjoyable” Michael Woram, M.S.E.
Software Designer and Computer Consultant, Utility Technology Services, New York City
“Barry's compelling approach in facilitating our annual retreat and collaborating individually with me, has produced significant results including full participation of board members, restructuring of our meeting and committee format and creating the space for us to develop a long term strategic plan. He delivers on what he promises.” Ken Steenson, LCSW
Former President, Board of Directors, Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill, NC