Barry K. Selman, LCSW

Psychotherapy for Adults, Adolescents and Couples

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a form of psychotherapy where each participant has the opportunity to interact with the therapist as well as with other group members. During Group Psychotherapy sessions, emotional and relational issues such as intimacy, trust, and self-esteem are shared with others who have similar issues.

The process of identifying with others and getting the support of the group members is a powerful tool in helping to heal current life conflicts as well as family of origin problems that negatively impact our lives.

Types of Psychotherapy Groups offered:

The group becomes a laboratory for practicing new behaviors and getting feedback from others on the impact your actions have on them.

Individualized Attention in Group Therapy

Within a group therapy setting, there is also an opportunity to engage in individual work with the therapist. The process of working through individual issues in a group therapy setting often creates a heightened awareness of your emotional responses and needs as the group becomes a container of safety and support.

Individual therapy within a group therapy setting also acts as a catalyst for other participants to work on their own issues. Likewise, as you experience others working through their similar yet individual issues, you will likely become aware of possibilities and solutions that you can apply toward your own life.

While group therapy can be the only source of treatment, it can also be an adjunct to individual therapy sessions.

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